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Guidelines - How to Structure The Training for Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass

When training ministers of communion for the parish, religious community or institution, the following should be included in the formation:     
  • A theology of the Eucharist as celebrated in the Roman Catholic tradition.
  • Some background/historical catechesis on the evolution of Eucharistic practice and devotion.
  • Assistance for ministers in fostering a well-rounded spirituality of the Eucharist.
  • An exploration of how baptism calls us to be a worshiping assembly and a people of service.
  • A practicum for the proper manner of distributing communion (bread and cup) in the local community.
  • Time for prayer and reflection together. 
After the ministers have been trained, please provide to ODW (on your parish or institution letterhead) a list of names of those who are to be mandated. We will provide certificates to the parish or institution for the pastor or chaplain’s signature and distribution. Please address this request to:
  Todd Williamson, Director
  Office for Divine Worship
Cardinal Meyer Center
3525 S. Lake Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653-1402
312-534-5158 (fax)